Advanced Reorg

Advanced Reorg for SAP and DB2 is an integrated software product that enables automatic optimisation of DB2 LUW databases, starting with version 9.5.

It automatically monitors the state of tables regarding their fragmentation, compression ratios and the appropriateness of the selected algorithm. It also examines the state of indices and LOB objects.

The chosen database objects are continually optimised; this is done intelligently according to relevant priorities, depending on the current use of  the object and the system load. It always picks the most appropriate method (online reorg, offline reorg, table move, with or without recompression) with regard to the installed version of DB2. In a standard SAP ERP system, it reduces the size and growth of the database by about 30% and cuts the response time, on average, by up to 50%.

Advanced Reorg for SAP and DB2  complements and simplifies database administration, significantly reducing related operating costs.

We would be happy to show you actual improvements achieved in real cases.

SAP System Health-check

Are you planning an upgrade, migration or functionality enhancement of your system? Or are you unsure if your system is running optimally?

We will examine it according to all relevant criteria:

  • Security of the system and permissions control
  • Performance analysis
  • Robustness tests and forecasts of potential future problems
  • Backup scenario checks
  • Evaluation of the quality of its day-to-day management


ABAP code analysis

Most implementations of SAP R/3 include a significant amount of proprietary development. However, code written partly by your own employees and partly by less experienced external providers often exhibits shortfalls in performance and security as well as in the quality of the user interface. Typically, proprietary code is developed before going live, i.e. at a time when the production system contains only a fraction of the future data volume. Later, with a growing amount of data and requirements necessitated by business operations, the current solution becomes less and less satisfactory.

We offer a fast analysis of weak points, immediate fixing of trivial issues and a summary of recommendations for the development of new code. This includes an estimate of the costs of an appropriate longer-term strategy.



In the small and medium-sized enterprises sector, with the implementation of SAP R/3, overhead costs of system maintenance relative to total costs are disproportionately high. Few such businesses can afford to employ technically skilled staff to  focus on SAP system maintenance for a few days a month and then be on standby to quickly react to failures, including those that occur out of business hours.

Our service centre is available 24/7. For a reasonable fee, we will guarantee a smooth operation of your systems and will carry out planned maintenance out of hours. This ensures that the downtime does not disrupt normal business operations, avoiding financial losses.

Our company offers a guaranteed response time, fast and competent problem solving, and reasonable pricing.