SAP Hosting

We excel at specialised, tailor-made SAP hosting. Our powerful servers are located in data centres in the Czech Republic, the Slovak Republic and Austria. We guarantee excellent uptime and geographically separated back-ups as well as entire clusters. Even in the case of one data centre’s failure, you will still be able to continue working.

Building up a similar infrastructure for a single system would be prohibitively expensive. Even a single server needs to be maintained and one  needs to consider its guarantees, depreciation and technological obsolescence.

With us, you purchase performance customised to suit your needs. We design, offer and run virtual server solutions exactly in accordance with the requirements of SAP R/3 applications.

However, virtual servers are useful for other applications as well.

The examples below are not exhaustive. Please contact us and we will make you an offer that exactly suits your needs.

  Hosting Mini Hosting Ideal Hosting High Hosting More
Virtual server hosting
Number of virtual serversIf you want maximum uptime and a geographically separated cluster, you need at least two virtual servers. 1 2 2 unlimited
CPU coresThe number of dedicated, unshared, cores on each virtual server. We use Intel Xeon E5 (Haswell-EP generation) and Intel Xeon D (Broadwell generation) processors. 4 2x 6 2x 12 up to 32
RAMWe use the latest DDR4 RDIMM/LRDIMM generation. Memory is dedicated, it is not shared and the so-called ballooning is not used. All of this is to maximise performance. 16GB 2x 32GB 2x 128GB up to 1,5TB
Disk space on SSDHigh Endurance Enterprise disks, connected in the RAID 0, or optionally RAID 10, fashion. Minimum guaranteed throughput 100,000 IOPS, sequentially 1GB/s. 150GB 2x 400GB 2x 1TB unlimited
Disk space on HDDClassic “rotating” disks for back-ups, archiving, the operating system, etc. RAID 10 connection,optionally RAID 5 with higher capacity for the same price. 500GB 2x 2TB 2x 3TB unlimited
ConnectivityConnection speed to czech, other peering nodes upon request. Connectivity is, of course, backed up. 100Mbit 2x 100Mbit 2x 1 Gbit up to 2x10Gbit
UPS backup + generatorGuaranteed autonomy for an unlimited period. yes yes yes yes
Geographically isolated clusterIf you have two or more servers, we can operate them in separate data centres. No extra fees. no yes yes yes, also in different EUAt the moment, the available locations are Prague, Hodonin, Bratislava and Vienna. Other locations can be negotiated. countries
SLA on serverGuaranteed uptime of a single virtual server, annual average. 99,5 % 99,8 % 99,8 % up to 99,99 %
SLA on clusterCombined guaranteed uptime of a cluster (at least half the servers up), annual average. N/A 99,9 % 99,9 % up to 99,995 %
Price / month Total price in €, excl. VAT. € 74,- € 369,- € 999,- depends on chosen parameters

Note: Any operating system, depending on customer choice. License rental available as well.

Included in the price: 24/7 call centre support (communication in Czech, Slovak, English and German), independent monitoring with mobile access and push notification, latest technologies, reliability and willingness to listen to your needs.